2022 Plant-Based Trends

As most of you know, plant-based options are held near and dear to our hearts at East West Markets. The demand for more vegan options is rapidly growing, and we’re keeping our ears and eyes open for new products. Here are some trends to expect this year.

We do have a large customer base of vegan and vegetarian shoppers, but “flexitarians” are becoming more popular. These are consumers who primarily eat animal products, but are branching out with curiosity towards plant-based options. Their interest is based upon their own health, as well as the health of our planet. 

Advancements In Alternatives
You’ll find improved texture and flavour with vegan products lining the shelves this year. Companies are investing in new technology and formulation advancements to appease consumer’s palates. This will focus on more appealing mouthfeel and sensory aspects. 

Cleaner Ingredients
Consumers have also requested cleaner, more refined ingredients in their plant-based items. This means delivering great-tasting products with the healthiest ingredients possible. Companies have started to tweak their formulation to mimic the appearance of animal products without compromising on ingredients and flavour. 

Egg Replacements
Egg alternatives are another note-worthy mention. Recent surveys found a strong demand for egg replacements with room to grow in popularity. Not only are they a great substitute for protein in meals, they are also used in many baking recipes, therefore a worthy replacement is key.