• March 2024 10,000 points Loyalty Points Winner

    Woohoo! Drumroll, please! Massive applause to our March 2024 superstar, Meena Hira! 🌟🛒 She just hit the jackpot with a whopping 10,000 loyalty poin...
  • 🎉Monthly Loyalty Reward Program! 🎉

    At East West Market, we cherish our valued customers who have remained steadfast in their support over the years. As a token of our gratitude, we g...
  • March 2023 10,000 Loyalty Point Winner!

    Jeff has been our loyal customer for years, and has won our loyalty points giveaway for 10,000 points two times in the past two years! Not only has...
  • 2022 East West Market Loyalty Winners!

    Congratulations to all of our East West Market loyalty winners of 2022! 2022 was our first year starting this giveaway program and we will be cont...
  • 4 Tips To Feel and Look Confident

    4 Tips To Feel and Look Confident No matter what stage of life you are in, you want to feel confident about who you are and how you look. If you a...
  • May's 10,000 Points Raffle Winner!

    Another month has went by meaning another lucky customer has won the 10,000 point giveaway! (10,000 points = $100 of FREE GROCERIES.) Here is a pho...
  • Global Plastic Waste is Projected to Triple by 2060 & Ways to Prevent it

    Although there have been aggressive actions taken to cut down the use of single-use plastics, its production has doubled in less than 40 years. Acc...
  • $100 Free Groceries Winners

    Congratulations to our second April winner, Sandra. And congratulations to Jeff, our first May winner. Both of these lovely customers have won $100 in free groceries from East West Market!
  • 10,000 Points April Winners

    We have come with exciting news, our second round of 10,000 points winners have been selected! 10,000 points = $100 of FREE GROCERIES from East West Market.
  • No-Bake Easter Nest Cookies Recipe

    These chocolate peanut butter nest cookies are the perfect treat for Easter long weekend, and the best part is they require zero baking!
  • Seed To Culture Sauerkraut

    We are now carrying Seed To Culture sauerkraut! Here’s a little bit about the BC brand and why they’re so important to us. 
  • London Museum Reusable Bag Campaign Feature

    How cool is this!? Our viral reusable grocery bag campaign has landed us a spot in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.