London Museum Reusable Bag Campaign Feature

How cool is this!? Our viral reusable grocery bag campaign has landed us a spot in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. 

The V&A is showcasing the highly-anticipated Bags: Inside Out Exhibition which explores the style, function, design, and craftsmanship of the cult accessory, from Birkin Bags to Louis Vuitton artistic collaborations, the exhibition is filled with some of the most iconic arm candy from 19th century to present day.

Fashion North spoke to the exhibition’s curator, Stephanie Wood, who carried out the research on the V&A’s vast collection of around 2,000 bags which date from the 16th century to today, from all different cultures and were carried not only by women but men and children too.

“Each bag was chosen because it tells a specific story, whether that be the evolution of bag design as a result of developments in travel internationally, the influence of the military on contemporary sport bags, or the symbolic role that handbags can play as status symbols.”

Many designers use their accessory designs to convey a message, whether drawing inspiration from political events or climate change, our accessories play an important role in helping spread awareness to important topics around the world. From Jeremy Deller  “Speak to the earth and it will show you” carrier bag designed in 2003 as a portable advertisement with the idea of the bag being a symbol connecting the owner to others who recognise its message. Whether encouraging shoppers to reuse plastic bags or showing anti-slavery working, our accessories can have a positive impact to the world around us.

London Museum Reusable Bag Campaign Feature