March 2023 10,000 Loyalty Point Winner!

Jeff has been our loyal customer for years, and has won our loyalty points giveaway for 10,000 points two times in the past two years! Not only has he been loyal to East West Market but also to the community, as he gives back to his basketball students every year.

In admiration of Jeff's generosity when giving back to the community, we interviewed him to share a little bit about himself and what he does to give back: 

"I shop at East West because of the variety, the prices and most importantly the staff. I love how owner Dave is so involved with the community as myself am - it’s what makes Mid-Main so unique in Vancouver. For 22 years I have been the head basketball coach at Sir Charles Tupper and run clinics at all the elementary schools in the neighborhood. In addition of course is my business. SafeTeen: Powerful Alternatives to Violence which works with youth and with adults to help deescalate violent situations and fight against bullying, racism, misogyny and hate." - Jeff

In addition to coaching at Tupper, Jeff has been a head coach with the Provincial Basketball program for 7 years and with Canadas National program as an assistant for 7 years as well. He has led Tupper to 7 city championships, 4 zone championships and 10 trips to the provincial championships finishing 2, 3, 5th twice, 6th twice, 8th twice and 13th twice.

In regard to the cooking aspect - each year Jeff brings the team together at his home and they all bring dishes from their heritage for a huge pot luck as he has worked in the food industry for many years from cafeteria to fine dining for twenty years.

"East West is my neighborhood grocery store and I will support them because Dave Lee Kwen supports our neighborhood. Sylvia, Eric, Kwan, Dave are our neighbors and this is my store of choice. Plus the shame the bag program is amazing." - Jeff